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Heavy and bulky vacuum cleaners were left behind, the development of technology allows us to put more modern features into a slim device. If you are looking for a lightweight but powerful vacuum cleaner, we would like to introduce you to two Shark vacuum series: Shark apex uplight and Shark rocket ultra-light.


In general, they are two of Shark’s latest series that have been welcomed by lots of customers. In this post, we are going to compare some of their features to consider which conditions they suit, or you may choose your preferable kind to invest in.




Shark uplight and Shark ultra-light vacuums have nearly the same design except for the canister. They both look like a stick vacuum with a full length of about 45 inches and a cleaning head of an upright model. Their dust cups are both mounted right below the handle, but while the uplight canister is put vertically, the ultra-light one is in the horizontal position.


They are both made of mostly plastic but Shark uplight vacuums are more consistent while ultra-light models are fragile. This is the main reason making the uplight vacuums heavier, around 10.5lbs compared to 7.5lbs of the others. With the equipped swivel steering, they are extremely comfortable to users when operating.


Shark uplight and ultra-light vacuums come with self-standing wheels that help them stand on their own and can be stored neatly without falling. However, the uplight models have a longer power cord (30ft compared to 25ft) and a longer cleaning nozzle (4ft compared to 2.5ft).




In spite of similar designs, Shark apex upright vacuum with duoclean and Shark rocket ultra-light vacuums have several differences in their features.


Shark uplight vacuums come with a HEPA filter while the ultra-light devices don’t have. Instead, their filtration system lasts a lifetime with them, although they are suggested to change after a few years.
Shark apex uplight lift-away duoclean is equipped with lift-away technology, which means users can transform it into a handheld pod for cleaning difficult places. Shark ultra-light models, on the other hand, don’t have this feature, but we can remove the stick body and attach the canister part to the head part to make a handheld device.


The cleaning heads of them are different also. Shark uplight vacuums come with dual brushes with the Zero-M technology that allows them to untangle the wrapped hair and LED headlights to illuminate dark areas, while the head part of ultra-light machines is smaller with a motorized brush only.




Both Shark apex uplight corded lift away and Shark rocket ultra-light have outstanding suction power that helps them deal with different cleaning tasks. They are appreciated in vacuuming bare floors and effective in cleaning stairs and cars. However, with the Zero-M technology, the uplight vacuums are better at collecting pet hair although the motorized brush of ultra-light models also works well on this. They are also more effective on carpets than their opponents.




Shark apex uplight vacuum costs more than $300 while a Shark rocket ultra-light is about half of that. This is mainly because of the difference in the quality build and equipped technologies.




A 300-dollar vacuum is good but the cheaper one should not be ignored. If you don’t have a big budget, a Shark rocket ultra-light vacuum is a perfect alternative for the uplight model.


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