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The Most Genuinely Clever Canine Varieties You Can Have
Dogs are one of the many blessings we all have been blessed with. Everyone loves dogs. Dogs are the most intelligent and affectionate creatures on this planet. That is the perfect reason why dogs are only great as pets, but they are great as Emotional Support Dogs as well. Many animals can be considered Emotional Support Animals. They are not professionally trained as they are given their title whenever the doctor feels that in their presence, their owners feel calm, can do normal tasks with ease, and are emotionally stable. When the doctor feels this way, then the Emotional Support Animals are given an emotional support animal letter.
It is necessary for Emotional Support Animals to live with their owners to take care of them when they are not feeling well, or they are in emotional distress. Emotional Support Animals need an realesaletterbecause some house owners and apartment complexes do not allow animals into their buildings and houses. This document is really important to allow the owners to live with their Emotional Support Animals without any problem.

One of the main qualities that an emotional support animal can have is intelligence and being tenacious. Following are some breeds of dogs who not only are intelligent but are great Emotional Support Animals as well.
Border Collies:
The most intelligent dog breed is known to be Border Collies. Border Collies are quite intelligent when it comes to acquiring new abilities such as language, signals, hand gestures, and whistles. They have excellent memory, which makes them very intelligent. They are very energetic too, which helps improve the physical and mental health of their owner. By being energetic, they can be an amazing exercising partner who helps you keep motivated and encouraged. And because they are energetic and extremely athletic, you can take them out on a walk which can improve your physical health and, in turn, improve your mental health as well. They are extremely keen and loyal, which makes them astounding emotional support animals.
As they are extremely intelligent, they have a quick sensibility to changes which makes them stay alert about the dangers. Their high intelligence can make them detect the emotional changes that their owner is going through, which makes them be emotionally available for their owners, which is one of the major characteristics of emotional support animals. By being alert in situations, they are very protective of their owners and always tend to be emotionally and physically there for them.
They are extremely athletic, which can help children with autism or just children as a whole by keeping them busy in physical activities, which can make them healthy. The majority of case studies show that a trained Collie can sense physiological changes caused by conditions such as PTSD or diabetes and may notify the owner of an approaching seizure episode by licking or barking. Border Collies are sensitive to noises, scents, and chemical changes, making them excellent alert dogs for persons suffering from sleep problems, epilepsy, or diabetes.
Another breed of dog which is considered one of the most intelligent is Poodles. Poodles are very intelligent and active dogs which makes them very significant emotional support animals. They have this eagerness inside them to please their owners, are very loyal and obedient, and always give emotional support to their owners. They are extremely active dogs, and because of their athleticism, they like being occupied and will not be overwhelmed. They also adjust quickly to new conditions, allowing them to maintain their attention on the individual they are assisting. Poodles form strong attachments to their owners. Poodles have very deep relationships with their owners, making them exceptionally loyal pets.
Poodles have a lot of energy to go along with their brains. Poodle owners require real esa letter while they are out and about with their dogs on a regular basis. This can improve their owner’s mental and physical health and make them healthy or active. This can also make their owners more social and improve their social skills.
German Shepherds:
German Shepherds are also considered to be highly intelligent animals. Their loyalty and intellect make them astonishing emotional support animals. They are very active and social, by which they can make their introverted owners more social and improve their social skills. They are extremely adaptable and can easily adapt anywhere, and make amazing family dogs. German shepherds are very good with kids, too, by being loyal, friendly, and being protective. They are acutely aware of their owner’s emotional requirements and are always there to help their owners emotionally and mentally.
German Shepherds are also very social. Due to this reason, they are very good with children as well. Once you train them properly, they are the easiest and outgoing pets to have. They are pretty healthy as compared to other dogs. If they are given a good diet, then they do not need frequent visits to the vet. They are also considered great guard dogs. So you can sleep better at night. They also have a very patient and cool temperament.
These dogs are emotionally intelligent and affectionate as well. Make sure to get your Emotional Support Animal’s ESA Letterfrom a medical professional for your dog to go to any place you would like with them. Do try to adopt a dog from a local rescue shelter. And remember to love your dog as much as they love you.

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