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The Lost Winging Rule

There is a lost winging rule that most men don’t, but should, understand. Almost all women understand this rule. It is a rule that is unspoken, but is just common sense. By following this rule, you will be making your wingman’s interactions so much easier for him. Let’s get to it. When you see your wingman in a set, whether it is just with one girl, or multiple girls, and none of the girls are into you (or if it’s just one girl), leave. If the two of you are together, then just back off, hang back, and at least give him his space with whoever he is talking to.


What I’ve noticed, is that unless most men are explicitly told to, they will not leave a set if one of their buddies is talking to a UK girl (it’s awkward for him to have to tell you that he needs space in front of a girl). You may not realize it, but by you being there, or at least in the immediate space, it makes the interaction weird, and limited. It’s weird because no one is talking to you, and you’re just hanging around. It’s weird because the girl is into your friend and you haven’t left yet. And it’s limiting because it makes it difficult to be sexual and get on sexual, as well as more personal, topics of conversation.


Almost all women get this. If they approve of a guy, and they see that no guy is into them, or if there’s only one guy who is clearly into the other girl, most girls will either leave the immediate space, or leave the guy and girl entirely if they aren’t driving together. Why? Because women « get it ». They know that it’s awkward having them hover right next to a friend why she is trying to have a one on one converation with a guy. They know that being around makes it more difficult for said girl to get on sexual and more personal topics of conversation.


In fact, if you’ve ever been out with a group of women, and they approved of you talking to their friend, then they most likely cheered on their friend and then left her alone to do what she’s gotta do. If you’re a guy and don’t already understand this, then you do now. When your buddy is having a one on one intraction with a girl, or multiple girls (and none of them are into you), then you need to back away and do your own thing while your boy handles his business.


Don’t be the weird guy just hovering because he just doesn’t get it. By sticking around, you are making it difficult for your wingman to have any kind of intimate or sexual conversation with a girl, as it is really difficult for a girl to open up with you standing right there. As long as you are around, the more awkward the interaction will get. I know that some of you might want to hear what your wingman is saying to the girl(s), but you just have to wait until he tells you himself later on. Be a good wingman and give your boy his space when he’s in set.


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